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Fresno Document Scanning

Companies across California use document scanning to convert paper records into digital documents. Once in a digital format, documents are much easier to manage and access quickly. Permissions to any record can be restricted to individual workers, which keeps each document on a work flow basis. In addition, access must be controlled to prevent employees from misusing the private data of customers and patients. Every record has a retention life, and an EDM software package will automatically eliminate outdated records.

Create a Document Scanning Procedure

If you are switching to a paperless office, the place to start is a document destruction policy. Determine how long you need to retain each type of document, and calculate which employee requires access to each one. These guidelines should be distributed to every worker. 

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Next, you will want to clean out all of the unnecessary documents to be sent for shredding. Also, distribute shredding cans around your office so employees can easily discard their unneeded records. Ask employees go through their personal records using the company document management policy and destroy everything over its requirements. There is no need to scan documents that don’t need to be kept.

The third step is to determine what documents need to be accessed frequently going forward. The economic advantages of document scanning increase the more often the document is used and shared. If it is unlikely to be used again, keeping the paper document is the superior option. Everything that remains is what you should scan.

Now it is time for the actual scanning. You can acquire equipment and assign the work to your employee. Or, you can find a scanning service. If you have a box or two then using an employee should work. But as you increase the number of documents, this can overwhelm your equipment.

Fresno Paper Shredding makes the digitizing project easy. Our contractors have large scanning equipment and professionals who are knowledgeable in this field. They index the documents and then shred them. It’s an efficient, secure process.

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