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Hard Drive Shredding Services in Fresno

Did you know your hard drives carry personal information, even after your have deleted files? Your hard drives need to be destroyed completely before they leave your possession. This is required for compliance with California and federal privacy laws including HIPAA. Just deleting files is not sufficient to destroy the information. It can easily be recovered with free software.

To be sure the information is destroyed there is no better way than to physically destroy the hard drive. Fresno Paper Shredding will help you shred your hard drives on site or at a secure plant in Fresno. The pieces are then melted down for metal recycling. This process provides total destruction of your hard drives. 

Don’t forget about all of the hidden hard drives in your office. Copy machines and fax machines also have hard drives that must be shredded and melted before they are sent off to be recycled. These store digital images of what has been scanned, and that information can be recovered.

Electronic data can still be recovered even after it is destroyed, and this is due to improper destruction. Hard drive data shredding ensure complete destruction of all information once stored on the drive.

The process is rather simple:

  1. Drop off the hard drives or have them picked up
  2. The drives are destroyed in an industrial shredder
  3. A certificate of Destruction is sent

A certificate of destruction ensures you that your hard drives were, in fact, destroyed completely. So, you can rest easy knowing you are secure.

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Fresno Paper Shredding has a local network of shredders who will shred your hard drive to ensure any information is completely unrecoverable. For more information on our services fill out the form on the left or give us a call at (559) 513-8490 and receive free quotes.

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