Fresno Document Scanning

It is not just at end of life that you need to be thinking about your Fresno business documents. Good information governance looks at all the information that is collected and stored for your normal business operations. 

Many organizations use document scanning to convert files into electronic records. Once a document is in an electronic format, it is much easier to manage. If a document is required it is available with a basic computer search. This speeds up simple tasks and disclosure.

How to Create a Document Scanning Project

Digital documents are easy to scan and manage in FresnoThe first step for a digitizing project is to create a document retention policy. Define how long to store each type of document and whom is responsible for it. Then determine who requires access to each type of document. Distribute the retention policy to every employee

Next it is time to shred all of the unwanted records. Have anyone who manages company records identify documents that should be shredded. Also, distribute shredding containers around your organization. Have employees organize their records with the company document management policy, and shred obsolete documents. There is no need to scan documents that are no longer required. 

Step three is to determine which documents will be needed for reference in the future. The benefits of scanning into digital records grow the more often the document is accessed and shared. If it will never be used again, then just keeping the paper document is the better solution. Everything that remains is what you need to scan. 

Now it is time for the actual scanning. You can acquire equipment and assign the work to an employee. Or you can contract with a scanning service. If you have a small amount to scan, then assigning an employee will work. But, as you grow, the volume of documents to scan will overwhelm your capacity to do the work in-house.  The economies of a commercial grade, high speed scanner save money.

Fresno Paper Shredding makes the conversion process easy. Our partners have high speed scanning equipment and employees who are experts in scanning. They organize the files and give them to you in your desired format.  

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